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Two Major Payment Solutions Join Forces in Spain

Two Major Payment Solutions Join Forces in Spain

Juan Allan

Bitnovo Pay and Wipay join forces to revolutionize payments in commerce, creating a milestone in the payment media sector in Spain.

Bitnovo Pay, a leader in simplifying access to and use of cryptocurrencies, and Wipay along with QPayPos, companies specialized in payment media technology with Android terminals and an acquiring license from the Bank of Spain, have announced a collaboration to redefine the payment experience in Spain.

The strategic alliance of both companies, which combines Bitnovo Pay’s technological innovation with Wipay’s proven experience in Android payment terminals, offers a complete solution that encompasses a wide range of payment methods including cryptocurrency payments for physical stores.

What makes this collaboration unique is its ability to offer a modern and versatile shopping experience, adapted to the needs and expectations of today’s consumers. It’s not just about accepting card or cryptocurrency payments, but providing an integral solution that allows merchants to anticipate the future of payments and meet the growing demand for cryptocurrency transactions.

Both companies agree that the solution represents a true revolution in the field of electronic payments and cryptocurrencies in Spain. By combining their resources and knowledge, both companies are positioned to offer thousands of Spanish merchants the ability to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, without sacrificing the convenience of card transactions or digital wallets.

The alliance will benefit both merchants and consumers, offering them a wide range of payment methods with which they feel free to decide and pay knowing that the transaction will be secure, easy, and instantaneous.

With a smoother shopping experience, customers can enjoy a wide range of payment methods, tailored to their individual preferences. In a world where personalization is key, this joint solution provides the necessary flexibility to effectively meet the needs of each customer.

Bitnovo, founded in 2015 and based in Valencia, continues to lead the way in democratizing access to and use of cryptocurrencies. By joining Wipay, recognized for its experience in payment solutions in Europe, Bitnovo strengthens its commitment to offering a complete and robust solution for Spanish merchants, paving the way for the future of electronic payments in the country.

The alliance between Bitnovo Pay and Wipay marks the beginning of a new era in electronic payments in Spain, offering an innovative, secure, and hassle-free solution for everyone.


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