Ionic Digital Community Announces Shutdown of Celsius App

Ionic Digital Community Announces Shutdown of Celsius App

In a significant development that marks the end of an era for the Celsius Network, now rebranded as Ionic Digital Community, the company has made a pivotal announcement that will have far-reaching implications for its users.

The Celsius App, a platform that has been integral to the company’s operations and services, is slated for closure on February 28. The decision initiates a critical countdown for users, urging them to secure their digital assets and manage their transaction records promptly.

Proactive Measures Urged for Custodial Account Holders

As the closure date looms, Ionic Digital Community is leaving no stone unturned in communicating the urgency of the situation to its users. With less than 30 days remaining, the company is issuing a clarion call to all eligible custodial account holders to withdraw their digital assets from the Celsius platform. The proactive step is not just a precaution but a necessary action to ensure the safety and control of user assets in light of the impending shutdown.

The company’s directive extends beyond asset withdrawal. Users are also advised to diligently export transaction lists for each type of digital asset held within the app. The meticulous approach to record-keeping is pivotal, particularly in the digital asset space where transaction histories are crucial for financial tracking, tax calculations, and potential audits.

Ionic Digital navigating the transition: Steps for seamless asset management

The process of winding down operations for the Celsius App requires users to navigate the transition with precision and care. To facilitate it, Ionic Digital Community provides detailed guidelines and support, ensuring users can undertake the process with clarity and confidence.

Users are instructed to initiate the withdrawal process for their digital assets at the earliest. Given the definitive closure date, timely action is essential to avoid any potential complications or loss of access to assets.

Also, Exporting transaction lists is another critical step underscored by the company. Users must ensure a comprehensive record of all transactions associated with each digital asset. The step is not only crucial for current financial management but also serves as a safeguard for future reference and verification. Similarly, For users who may find the process challenging or for those who have specific inquiries, Ionic Digital Community is expected to provide dedicated support channels. Leveraging these resources can help in addressing concerns and ensuring that the transition is as smooth as possible.

The implications and the path forward

The closure of the Celsius App by the Ionic Digital Community is a decisive move that marks a significant transition for the company and its users. The development is not just about discontinuing a service; it’s about setting a precedent in the digital asset space for how transitions should be managed— with clear communication, user-focused guidance, and a structured approach to asset and data management.

For the users, the coming weeks are pivotal. Adhering to the company’s guidelines, securing assets, and ensuring the integrity of transaction records should be of paramount importance. The period is also a reflection point for the community to recognize the volatile nature of the digital asset space and the importance of being adaptable and proactive in managing digital assets.

As the Ionic Digital Community navigates the transitional phase, the closure of the Celsius App could potentially pave the way for new avenues of service, support, and innovation. Users are encouraged to stay informed, engage with the resources provided, and take the necessary steps to align with the new directives, ensuring that their journey in the digital asset space continues with confidence and security.


Ionic Digital Community’s decision to close the Celsius App underscores the need for users to act swiftly to secure their assets and transaction records before the February 28 deadline. The transition highlights the importance of proactive asset management in the digital asset space and may pave the way for new opportunities and innovations in the future.



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