The AI crypto surpass 12 billion dollars

The AI crypto surpass 12 billion dollars

Recently, the total market capitalization of AI (artificial intelligence) related crypto tokens has exceeded 12 billion dollars.

This is what emerges from a recent report by that considers nine cryptos: Bittensor (TAO), Render (RNDR), Akash Network (AKT), (FET), CorgiAI (CORGIAI), SingularityNET (AGIX), Echelon Prime (PRIME), Ocean Protocol (OCEAN), OriginTrail (TRAC).


  • The crypto AI
  • Stocklytics Analysis
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The crypto AI

The AI-related crypto with the highest market capitalization is TAO (Bittensor), which reaches 3.8 billion dollars.

In this ranking it is clearly in the lead, since the second, RNDR (Render), has only just over half of the market capitalization (1.8 billion).

After these first two there is an abyss, because the third, AKT of Akash Network, has only just over 0.8 billion dollars in market capitalization. Of the other six, only one, FET of, has a market capitalization of over half a billion, while the other five range from 450 million to 280.

According to Stocklytics, the growth of crypto tokens linked to generative artificial intelligence has already been phenomenal, considering that it is a sector that was born only two years ago.

The surge was largely due to the integration of ChatGPT and other conversational artificial intelligence software, which has generated widespread interest in the application of AI technology in other sectors, including cryptography.

Stocklytics Analysis

The analysis of Stocklytics was conducted by financial expert Edith Reads, who believes that achieving these milestones was no small feat for a sector still in its infancy.

According to Reads, behind this increase there would be several factors, including the growing adoption of conversational artificial intelligence.

Therefore, the large technological investments in generative artificial intelligence have also had an impact on adoption in the crypto sector, and since technology giants like Microsoft and Google have increased their investments in AI projects, they have strengthened the credibility of the sector, thus producing further adoption.

The main AI cryptos

TAO is the native cryptocurrency of the Bittensor project, and facilitates interaction with the homonymous marketplace. The Bittensor marketplace is a P2P platform for sharing knowledge on machine learning.

RNDR instead is the utility token of Render Network. It is an ERC 20 token that allows users to purchase animations, graphics, and VFX rendering from the network.

AKT instead is the native utility token of Akash Network.

The Stocklytics report also mentions prominent AI crypto projects CORGIAI (, AGIX (SingularityNet), and PRIME (Echelon Prime).

TAO made its debut on the crypto markets only in August of last year, with an initial price of $0.12 which, however, on the same day of the launch rose to $93: this is the reference price.

Until October it had dropped, losing almost half of its value, but with the mini-bullrun at the end of 2023 it started to rise in price up to $375 in December.

Then 2024 started very well, with the historical maximum recorded at around $700 on February 16th.

RNDR instead has existed since 2020, even before the start of the last major bull run.

The initial price was very low, $0.05, but by September of the same year it had increased fivefold.

In 2021 it boomed, reaching a historical high of $8.7 in November.

During the bear-market of 2022 it dropped to 0.34$, which is still a price higher than the pre-bubble one, and by the course of 2023 it had also risen above 2.7$.

During the end of 2023 mini-bullrun it rose up to 5.2$, and in 2024 it further increased to 5.4$.

Even AKT made its debut on the markets in 2020 at a price of $0.44.

The highest peak was recorded in April 2021 at over $8, before dropping to $0.2 during the bear market. It is worth noting that AKT’s bear market lasted until May 2023, and by October it had risen to over $0.8.

With the mini-bullrun at the end of 2023, it rose above $2.4, and in 2024 it further increased to $3.5.

Future perspectives

The Stocklytics report also analyzes the future prospects of AI-related crypto tokens.

In particular, Edith Reads has expressed optimism about the future of these cryptocurrencies, stating that the market has already positively welcomed these assets. Progress in this area should further strengthen them.

In the USA, a recent general research has been conducted regarding artificial intelligence and its investment potential. From this research, it emerged that this technology has surpassed a crucial turning point, and this would imply that its adoption in various economic sectors can only increase in the future.

However, Reads invites caution regarding investments in these tokens, as they are very volatile assets, and partly speculative. This, combined with the still limited past of the entire sector, requires extreme care and good due diligence.



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