Fetchai (FET) Received $100 Million Investment

Fetchai (FET) Received $100 Million Investment

According to the latest information, Fetchai (FET) received an investment of $100 million. Stating that the investment in question is related to a project called Fetch Compute. Fetch Compute is a $100 million project designed to empower participants to create cutting-edge applications that will deepen the fundamentals of artificial intelligence economics.

Fetchai, a leader in artificial intelligence, has announced major infrastructure investments that will expand the tools and educational opportunities available to users and developers. Fetch Compute will use Nvidia’s H200, H100 and A100 GPUs to create a platform that developers and users can leverage for computing power.

Fetch Compute aims to solve the current shortage of GPU resources by offering a solution that not only increases computing power, but also introduces a reward system for FET token holders. This system allows token holders to earn Fetch Compute credits, reducing GPU usage costs and making it easier to access network computing resources.

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