Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) partners with Asian Consulting Group to promote investment in the Philippines

Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) partners with Asian Consulting Group to promote investment in the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – In a move aimed to attract and enhance investment into the Philippines, the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) announces its official partnership with Asian Consulting Group, the country’s first tax hub for top corporations.

This collaboration solidifies PEZA’s commitment to actively promote the ecozones, both domestically and internationally, as premier investment destinations.

Together, the two organizations will work hand-in-hand to showcase the Philippines’ potential as an economic powerhouse and encourage stakeholders by promoting multiple areas in the country as a great place to open businesses.

One of the cornerstones of this launch is through ACG’s annual International Tax and Investment Roadshow (ITIC), which is set to commence in March 2024, spanning key regions in East Asia, Americas, Europe and Middle East, Oceania, and even Canada.

The 2024 International Tax and Investment Roadshow will serve as a platform to showcase the unparalleled investment opportunities available within the PEZA ecozones and highlight the benefits of why it is best to invest in the Philippines which then may provide invaluable insights into the diverse landscape of the country, offering tailored solutions to meet the needs of prospective investors.

Through a series of investment briefings, roundtable discussions, bilateral business meetings and networking opportunities, the roadshow aims to foster meaningful engagements with potential investors and key stakeholders, paving the way for increased curiosity flows from stakeholders to invest in the country.

As the Philippines continues to position itself as a great investment destination in the world, the partnership between PEZA and Asian Consulting Group stands as a testament to the country’s unwavering commitment to foster a conducive environment for investment and economic development.

For more information, you may reach the Asian Consulting Group via email at or contact +63917 627 8805. You may also follow their official social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram or visit their website



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