NATIX Secures $4.6M Funding with Backing from Industry Leaders

NATIX Secures $4.6M Funding with Backing from Industry Leaders

NATIX, a leading decentralized finance, and conventional finance continue, has achieved a significant accomplishment by securing $4.6 million in strategic funding. The achievement has been made possible thanks to the backing from some of the market leaders in the Web3 and blockchain industries. Three prominent whale investors include DCG,, and Velocity Capital who are now added in the list of NATIX supporters.

#NATIXIANs, we recently secured $4.6 million in funding thanks to some of the biggest investors in the Web3 and blockchain space 💪

Now, three more names, no less impressive, join that list of investors:@DCGco@cryptocom@velocitycap_

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— NATIX Network (@NATIXNetwork) May 15, 2024 Joins NATIX as Investor, Fueling Innovation

DCG, the Digital Currency Group, is a global corporation that notably expands the investment and activity in the blockchain industry. DCG has more than 200 companies in over 35 countries in its portfolio, and its support of NATIX emphasizes the high potential and trustworthiness in the blockchain sphere. With the DCG’s investment, NATIX gains financial, expert, and human capital support.

Another significant player and the investor in NATIX is, one of the main digital asset exchange platforms, with more than 100 million users. investing in NATIX demonstrates the new platform’s capacity to innovate and provide value-added services to the customers.

The expertise of Velocity Capital, formerly named Hailstone, as a Web3 venture capital firm is also available to NATIX. The focus of Velocity Capital on driving progress through technological and financial innovation made it the natural choice for an investment in NATIX. Thanks to the partnership, NATIX parented with Velocity Capital not only in terms of financial assets but also with strategic insights on how to succeed in the rapidly changing decentralized financial industry.

DCG,, and Velocity Capital Propel NATIX’s Ecosystem

The investment made by DCG, investors of, and Velocity Capital made them crucially important for NATIX’s ecosystem. Evidently, the edibility of NATIX to attract investments serves as a testament to the revolutionary perspective on decentralized financial application. Through employing DePIN and AI to revolutionize the consumer experience, NATIX strives to drive innovation in the field of decentralized finance.

In conclusion, NATIX stays dedicated to honoring its pledge to provide clients the greatest possible treatment. Utilizing its highly revered investors to enhance its product and emphasizing technology potential, NATIX is set to become the market leader in decentralized finance. As the venture develops and broadens its range of services, more people will have access to a more vivid and fair financial economy on the blockchain.



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