GaiaNet Raises $10M to Revolutionize AI with Decentralized Network

GaiaNet Raises $10M to Revolutionize AI with Decentralized Network

San Francisco — GaiaNet, a trailblazing AI infrastructure project, has secured $10 million in Series Seed funding to develop a decentralized network for open-source large language models (LLMs) and AI agents. This bold move challenges the dominance of centralized AI giants by redefining data access, utilization, and security.

The funding round attracted notable investors, including Generative Ventures’ Lex Sokolin, Republic Capital’s Brian Johnson, 7RIDGE’s Shawn Ng, Kishore Bhatia, EVM Capital, Mirana Ventures, Mantle EcoFund, and ByteTrade Lab.

Decentralized AI for Diverse Applications

GaiaNet’s infrastructure leverages a distributed network of edge nodes, controlled by individuals and businesses, to host AI models. Each node functions as an AI twin (agent) of a real-world expert, such as a university teaching assistant or customer service agent, performing specialized tasks on behalf of its operator.

In its initial phase, GaiaNet targets critical issues like the shortage of teaching assistants in higher education. The platform enables the creation of personalized AI chatbots to assist students, enhancing accessibility and efficiency in high-enrollment courses.
“Our mission with GaiaNet is to redefine human-AI interaction and enable sovereign infrastructure for AI engagement. This investment propels us closer to making AI more accessible, collaborative, and privacy-centric.”

Matt Wright, CEO of GaiaNet
Key Partnership with UC Berkeley

GaiaNet’s partnership with the University of California, Berkeley, aims to integrate decentralized AI teaching assistants into more STEM courses. This initiative not only enhances educational accessibility but also showcases the potential of decentralized AI across various sectors.

The funding will support the development of new AI training models and expand the network of nodes, aiming to rival the capabilities of ChatGPT 3.5 and beyond. GaiaNet plans to launch its testnet and software developer kit (SDK) in early Q3 2024, with product alpha testing already underway.

Industry Impact

GaiaNet meets the growing demand for decentralized AI alternatives to models controlled by tech giants like Microsoft and Google. By decentralizing AI inferencing servers, GaiaNet challenges the centralized AI lifecycle from data collection to model training and fine-tuning.

To participate in beta testing GaiaNet’s capabilities, visit

About GaiaNet

GaiaNet is at the forefront of decentralized AI technology, prioritizing user privacy, transparency, and control. Its innovative network infrastructure ensures privacy and censorship resistance through a peer-to-peer edge node network, fostering collaborative AI ecosystems for developers and data holders.



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