Clearpool Announces Results of Epoch Voting for Oracles

Clearpool Announces Results of Epoch Voting for Oracles

Clearpool, a decentralized credit marketplace, has released the results of its latest Oracle voting round, which concluded on May 31, 2024, and the outcomes were implemented as of June 3, 2024. This round saw the participation of 12 Oracles, voting on three critical parameters that will define Clearpool’s interest rate curve for AA-rated borrowers.

These parameters include Y0 (interest rate at 0% utilization), Ym (interest rate at Xm, the optimal utilization rate), and Y1 (interest rate at 100% utilization). The Oracles whose votes fell within the selected range were deemed successful and included in the weighted average calculation, while those outside this range were excluded.

🗳 The Clearpool Oracle voting results are out!

📈 The Oracles have driven interest rates up, in line with their assessment of current market pricing. The optimal interest rate (Ym) for AA-rated borrowers has now increased from 13.54% to 13.80%

This means higher interest rates…

— Clearpool (@ClearpoolFin) June 3, 2024

Credora Score and Statistical Analysis

The Credora score ranges were used to determine the interest rates. For scores between 850 and 1000, the rates were 15.38% for Y0, 13.80% for Ym, and 30.67% for Y1. For scores between 700 and 850, the rates were slightly higher, with Y0 at 16.02%, Ym at 14.44%, and Y1 at 31.31%. This pattern continued with increasing interest rates for lower score ranges, reflecting higher risk premiums.

Statistical parameters were calculated for the interest rates to ensure fairness and accuracy. The Interquartile Range (IQR) for Y0 was 1.49%, for Ym it was 2.90%, and for Y1 it was 7.25%. The upper boundary rates were 17.49% for Y0, 18.40% for Ym, and 42.25% for Y1. The lower boundaries were 13.02%, 9.70%, and 20.50% respectively. These boundaries helped in filtering out outlier votes, ensuring that only the most reliable data influenced the final interest rates.

Oracle Voting Results

Each of Oracle’s proposed interest rates were carefully analyzed. Notable participants included Amber Group, Auros, Azure Tide, and Sino Global Capital, among others. For instance, Amber Group proposed rates of 14.51% for Y0, 10.81% for Ym, and 23.68% for Y1, all of which were successful and within the acceptable range.

Similarly, Azure Tide’s proposed rates were 16.00% for Y0, 15.50% for Ym, and 35.00% for Y1, which were also accepted. However, not all votes were successful. Wintermute, for example, had its Ym rate of 9.51%, which failed to meet the criteria, although its other rates were accepted. This rigorous evaluation process ensures that only the most accurate and representative rates are used in the final calculations.

Final Parameters for AA-Rated Borrowers

After processing the votes, the final parameters for AA-rated borrowers were determined. The previous parameters for Y0, Ym, and Y1 were 15.15%, 13.54%, and 28.65%, respectively. The new parameters are slightly higher, with Y0 at 15.38%, Ym at 13.80%, and Y1 at 30.67%. These adjustments reflect the evolving market conditions and the collective input from the Oracles.

Clearpool is committed to maintaining transparency and fairness in its decentralized credit marketplace. The Oracle voting mechanism ensures that interest rates reflect a consensus-driven approach, benefiting both borrowers and lenders in the ecosystem. The new parameters will be applied for the next epoch, optimizing the platform’s efficiency and competitiveness.

Clearpool’s approach underscores its dedication to using decentralized governance to set market parameters, ensuring that the platform remains adaptive and fair. As the decentralized finance landscape continues to evolve, Clearpool’s methodology serves as a model for how decentralized platforms can effectively manage and adjust key financial parameters through collective input and data-driven decision-making.



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