Oasis Pro Partners with R&S Partners to Unveil R&S Avalanche Infrastructure Fund

Oasis Pro Partners with R&S Partners to Unveil R&S Avalanche Infrastructure Fund

Oasis Pro, a provider of global fintech infrastructure for real-world assets and digital securities, is partnering with Rise & Shine Partners to launch the R&S Avalanche Infrastructure Fund in the coming months. Rise & Shine Partners, the manager of the Fund, purposes the Fund as an investments fund. It aims to help Avalanche achieve this growth by providing direct staking to Avalanche infrastructure, network, and applications.

Rise & Shine Partners Identify Growth of Avalanche Network

Oasis Pro Markets, a subsidiary of Oasis Pro and a member of FINRA / SIPC, has been engaged as the Fund’s placement agent. This partnership is designed to create a convenient route for investors to participate in the Avalanche blockchain network and ecosystem.

Having launched in September 2020, Rise & Shine Partners has identified the development and deepening usage of the Avalanche network amongst a diverse set of industry verticals and use cases. Avalanche is appealing as a platform for projects and companies to launch their own sovereign blockchains because of its advantages like low fees, security, sub-second transaction finality, and customizability.

The R&S Avalanche Infrastructure Fund will primarily purchase Avalanche network assets, like the native AVAX token, and use these same assets to operate validators and thereby earn staking rewards from across the various L1s of the network. Fund is looking to build a fully-diversified portfolio of assets and applications on top of the Avalanche blockchain ecosystem owned directly by Fund.

Pat LaVecchia, CEO of Oasis Pro, is enthusiastic at the opportunity to work with Rise & Shine Partners and looks forward to the upcoming launch of the R&S Avalanche Infrastructure Fund.

Rise & Shine and Oasis Pro Ease Access to Avalanche Blockchain

Andrew Almeida is Co-founder & Director of Rise & Shine Partners. He emphasized that the accessibility provided is through their partnership with Oasis Pro. He further adds, they are making it easier through this partnership for anyone with an investment goal for exposure to the Avalanche blockchain ecosystem.

According to Morgan Krupetsky, Head of Institutions & Capital Markets at Ava Labs, the R&S Avalanche Infrastructure Fund is a very important part of the Avalanche ecosystem. Because this signifies a significant milestone for the Avalanche ecosystem. Krupetsky also elaborated on the significance of connecting with the ecosystem via both traditional and Web3.



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