Roaring Kitty Now Owns $262 Million In GameStop Shares as Options Vanish

Roaring Kitty Now Owns $262 Million In GameStop Shares as Options Vanish

GameStop shares rose—then fell—in after-hours trading Thursday as Keith Gill, better known online as Roaring Kitty, flashed his holdings in the video game retailer again on Reddit.

This time, however, the meme stock influencer showed holdings of an additional 5 million GameStop shares compared to his previous “YOLO update” on Monday. It appeared that Gill may have sold or exercised his much-celebrated $20 call options in GameStop, previously worth $82 million.

Posting to the Reddit community Superstonk under his DeepFuckingValue account, Gill’s latest update also showed a reduction of cash on-hand. That figure fell to $6.3 million from $29 million earlier in the week. Previously, that had not changed.

Gill’s GameStop holdings are now worth $262 million across 9 million shares, according to his most recent post. A week prior, his holdings were purportedly worth $586 million—a 55% decrease.

Shares in the video game retailer had increased 14% Thursday to $29.12, following a spike last week ahead of Gill’s return to live streaming on YouTube. In after-hours trading, GameStop’s stock price was slightly down, falling less than 1% to $28.84, as of this writing.

Based on the options contracts that Gill previously owned, the meme stock influencer could’ve scooped up 120 million shares if he exercised all of them. Owning call options, Gill had the right, but not the obligation, to buy shares in GameStop at $20 per share.

BREAKING: RoaringKitty, AKA DeepFuckingValue, has sold his $20 GameStop, $GME, calls for profit as well as exercised for more shares.

He now owns 9 million shares, up from 5 million.

Unusual Whales noted his position change yesterday. We were first to note his original position…

— unusual_whales (@unusual_whales) June 13, 2024

Gill’s behavior trading and social-media behavior has reportedly drawn attention from the Securities and Exchange Commission and Massachusetts’ securities regulator. But as Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s Mad Money, previously pointed out on Twitter (aka X), “The SEC wants to look at a buy AND sell.”

GameStop’s annual shareholder meeting was postponed until further notice earlier in the day after servers crashed under the weight of investor interest. Speculation online abounded that Gill could be appointed to the firm’s board of directors among his crop of online fans.

Around 700,000 viewers witnessed Gill’s return to live streaming last week on YouTube, as GameStop’s share price hovered 30% lower on the day. As of this writing, Reddit’s website showed that around 9,000 users were online in Superstonk where Gill posted his latest move.

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