teams up with prime crypto tax providers teams up with prime crypto tax providers, the innovative platform for payments and cryptocurrency, has announced partnerships with top-tier tax providers, including Koinly and TokenTax. The partnership is designed to offer users the most comprehensive and dependable tax support possible.

Since the acceptance of crypto currencies is increasing, countries worldwide are mandating the disclosure of tax information regarding online currencies.

For instance,the Internal Revenue Service of the United States mandates that individuals acquire cryptocurrency through the filing of taxes. The same regulations are enforced in other locations as well.’s alliances facilitate the disclosure of crypto holdings across numerous jurisdictions through its best crypto tax softwares. Within the ecosystem, portfolios are also expanding in relation to the solutions they offer.

The associates offer consumers a variety of methods to obtain their crypto transaction history from within their respective platforms. After that, they have access to the necessary tax statements.

From this point forward, Tax services will be discontinued. However, the company is enthusiastic about the prospect of collaborating with new partners to address all of users’ tax requirements.

Koinly calculates the cryptocurrency taxes of its users and assists them in reducing them for the upcoming year. Its services are accessible in over 20 countries.

TokenTax is a software platform and a full-service accounting firm. Their in-house team of CPAs and EAs can file users’ tax returns with a comprehensive filing package.

TokenTax enables users to prepare their taxes in three straightforward stages. First, users must import their crypto wallets, and the TokenTax software securely imports their complete transaction history. The subsequent stage involves verifying the accuracy of users’ data and ensuring that it accurately represents their activity. The final step involves the effortless exportation of documents to prepare for tax season, with the support of a full-service crypto tax accounting firm.



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