Crypto Industry Report from Investment Bank Architect Partners: ”Outperforming the Internet!’

Crypto Industry Report from Investment Bank Architect Partners: ''Outperforming the Internet!'

According to the latest quarterly report from investment bank Architect Partners, the digital asset industry is poised for a significant growth phase, gaining over $750 billion in value in the first half of 2024.

Crypto Industry Outperforms Internet Growth

The report highlights the sector’s strong recovery and promising outlook compared to the situation two years ago.

The significant increase in value was primarily due to:

The increase in the value of crypto tokens, which collectively increased by more than $700 billion.

The successful launch of spot Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded funds (ETFs) attracted over $15 billion in investments in the US.

Publicly traded crypto companies are gaining value, contributing another $11 billion to the industry’s total value.

Architect Partners drew parallels between the growth trajectories of the digital asset industry and the early internet era, noting that both are disruptive technologies with similar characteristics.

Remarkably, the cryptocurrency market is recovering from the last “crypto winter” much faster than the internet recovered after the dot-com bubble burst in 2000.

“Ironically, crypto has become the stepchild of the internet,” the report said. However, the cryptocurrency market is currently outperforming its predecessor and “exceeding the value of the internet in the same part of their life cycle.”

The report also highlighted the increase in deal activity in the digital asset sector. The transaction value announced in the second quarter of 2024 reached a record level of $2.7 billion, exceeding the total value of the previous eight quarters. This increase in deal activity underscores the growing confidence and momentum in the market.

Architect Partners emphasized that the maturation of the crypto industry is reflected in an increasing focus on professionalism, risk management, ethical behavior and adherence to best practices.

The report noted that these fundamental principles have become an integral part of the industry’s activities, signaling that we are moving beyond the turbulent period of the crypto winter.

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